Services Waste Collection & City Cleansing
We service over 2 million residents worldwide.
Solid Waste Collection and City Cleansing are some of the basic services we provide. These services are supported by the latest technologies and equipment that are utilized to perform a wide range of related activities including but not limited to:
  • Collection & Handling of Household and Munipical Waste 
  • Collection & Handling of Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Collection & Handling of Medical and Clinical Waste
  • Collection & Handling of Market, Bulky, C&D and Green Waste
  • Handling of special waste such as religious scriptures and E-Waste
  • Collection & Handling of Slaughterhouse Waste
  • Street Sweeping (Mechanical and Manual)
  • Street Washing & Cleansing (Underground passes, Bus stops, Manmade water lagoons, Gutters, etc.)
  • Special high-profile areas (cleaning and cleansing)
  • Shoreline and Beach Cleaning
  • On-Call & Emergency Services
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