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Design, construction and operation of transfer stations:

As a complementary activity to our basic services of  Waste Collection and City Cleansing, we provide Transfer Stations Services with turn-key solutions.

Our transfer stations are designed, built, and operated using the most advanced technologies that can ultimately reduce fuel consumption, cost of waste transport, traffic congestion and hence cut down on greenhouse gas emissions reducing air pollution.

Our Transfer Stations design and process systems include but are not limited to:

  • Static or dynamic Compactors that allow the increase of reception of  the transfer trucks carrying capacity (RollOn/Off Containers)
  • Combination of structures, machinery and technologies for volume reduction purposes
  • Designed Tipping & Loading Areas
  • Elevated Ramps designed to release waste mainly into toppers
  • Civil works, road, structures, fences, gates etc.
  • Monitor and record keeping using the most advanced computerized systems and software.
  • Air Pollution Control systems for all enclosed operating areas
  • Leachate collection and disposal systems.

The Lavajet facilities are designed, built and created in a way to prevent the release of any substance that causes or may cause an adverse effect.

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