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Design, construction and operation of Sorting Plants:

The purpose of the Sorting Plant has become increasingly an integral part of any comprehensive and integrated solid waste management program.

The major goals of the Sorting Facility is to segregate and recover potentially recyclable materials from the waste stream for revenue generation, and to remove contaminants from the organic feedstock to produce higher quality compost.

Our sorting plant, also known as a material recovery facility (MRF), usually consists of one or more sorting lines allowing processing of commingled recyclables from the varied collection points within a city.

Our plants can process and recover up to 90% of collected waste such as paper, plastic, steel, aluminum, cans and HDPE to name just a few.

Our plants vary from manual to fully automated systems and consist of the following but not limited major key measures:

  • Civil works for structure and infrastructure
  • Designed tipping floor and conveying systems
  • Sorting Systems, such as: bag openers, trommels, disc screens and vibrating screens,  air separators and optical separators, density sorters, magnetic separators etc.

The capacity of our plants range from 50 t/d to more than 1,500 t/d and can save landfill space to meet mandated reduction goals, generate recyclable income, conserve resources and reduce landfill tipping fees.

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