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Composting is a form of recycling and aims at reducing the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) volumes to be landfilled, by recovering and re-using recyclables, and changing the organic fraction of the waste into useful products.

Composting is the biological decomposition of the biodegradable organic fraction of MSW under controlled conditions to a state sufficiently stable for nuisance-free storage and handling and safe use in agricultural applications.
We emphasize that the most important factor for the success of the facility is the product quality, hence, compost produced is regularly monitored, and its quality improved by proper waste separation and operation activities.
Our design requirements for the Compost Plant and standards for the compost quality are developed based on the local regulatory requirements and guidelines if they exist; otherwise, the applicable guidelines in Canada, Europe, and the USA are used. These requirements include the compost facility design, operations, process controls, testing, monitoring, maintenance, reporting, odor control, constituent application rates and compost quality.
Some of the basic composting systems designed by the company for the decomposition steps are:
  • Static windrows (piles)
  • Turned windrows
  • In-vessel composting


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